BetterUp joins TF to help Cancer Fighters

BetterUp joins TF to help Cancer Fighters

In the last few months, BetterUp has become one of Tony Foundation's newest corporate philanthropy partners. BetterUp recently relocated HQ's from northern California to Austin, TX and we look forward to working with them to help cancer fighters in our communities.

They sponsored our most recent event and also pledged support for our flagship golf event in Austin this fall. Tony Foundation can not do what we do without the generous support from philanthropic businesses like BetterUp. In my time working with Matt, Caitlin, and others, they have shown a huge heart for helping others in their communities.

Founded in 2013, BetterUp is the inventor of virtual professional coaching, and the global leader in 1:1 and group coaching, counseling, and mentorship at scale. BetterUp combines world-class coaching with AI technology and behavioral science to deliver personalized behavior change and improve the well-being, adaptability, and effectiveness of the workforce. With the world’s largest network of over 3,000 coaches, BetterUp offers coaching in 46 languages across over 90 countries, along with interactive professional development content, analytics and real-time insights to track employee progress. Used by more than 380 companies, including leading Fortune 1,000 companies, BetterUp drives transformational and lasting behavior change, resulting in improved business outcomes across organizations and inspiring professionals everywhere to pursue their lives with greater clarity, purpose, and passion.

BetterUp’s Science Board is composed of leading researchers in the fields of positive psychology and human performance including Martin Seligman, Adam Grant, Shawn Achor, and Quinetta Roberson. To learn more, visit

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