Tony Foundation provides critical financial assistance to families affected by cancer.

A team of medical professionals in the oncology field selects and vets families for assistance. This provides the highest level of transparency and assurance that donations are used where they are needed most.

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  • Brandon Pohn

    Brandon Pohn is a Regional Vice President of Sales for Salesforce and a Univ of Florida Alum. He resides in Dallas and is passionate about helping grow the Tony Foundation mission.

  • Daniel Stone

    Daniel is the Owner of Bandolier Media. He brings an array of experience in digital media, branding, and philanthropy. He is committed to his family, his business, and growing Tony Foundation’s mission.

  • Dr Andy Willis

    Andy is a doctor with the Seton Family E.R. group. He has practiced medicine for 17 years, loves spending free time with his dogs, and is an avid hockey fan.

  • Gary Gauci

    Gary has over 30 years in sales and marketing Gary is excited and honored to be part of the team. Having grown up with both parents who were diagnosed with cancer, TF and the impact it’s having are very near and dear to him.

  • Jennifer Asbury-Hughes

    Jennifer is the Owner at FingerPulse Media. She leverages her background in publishing, graphic design, digital marketing, and strategic comm to strengthen her clients' brands.

  • Jennifer McCoy

    Jennifer McCoy, CMP, HMCC, is currently Vice President and Head of Event Production at GLG, where she has been working since 2007. She provides global support for cross functional teams that oversee In Person and Virtual Events, which provides her the opportunity to work closely with a wide group of diverse teams with different products and roles within the company.

  • Jody Nash

    Jody Nash is a Registered Nurse, owned and managed her own health care company, and presently works as a consultant to businesses needing guidance with strategic planning, marketing, sales and business development. Jody is a breast cancer survivor and thriver.

  • Kristine Devine

    Kristine Laudadio Devine is a partner with the law firm of Harris Wiltshire & Grannis where she provides regulatory and transactional counseling for telecommunications and technology companies.

  • Scott Patterson

    Scott’s career in public relations and marketing started at the Special Olympics Texas. He also led PR efforts at the world’s largest anti-fraud association before starting his own PR firm.

  • Scott Stager

    Scott has over a decade of extensive experience in financial operations, operational budgeting, due diligence, and financial analysis and modeling. He is currently the Executive Vice President of Asset Management for Core Spaces.

  • Tim Laudadio

    Tim L. Laudadio is Chairman of Bell Environmental, Inc. He founded the company in the early 90's after serving as an officer of three divisions of Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI) and was Senior Vice President of Texas Gulf Industries.

  • Tony Aguilar

    Tony is a licensed CPA and works in the digital and analytics arm of Ernst and Young's Advisory Services.

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  • MVP Monthly Donor

    “Tony is the epitome of a philanthropist who wants to help people. He is a great father to 3 beautiful girls, a loving husband and yet still has the dedication to help other families after multiple cancers and surgeries!! Unlike large organizations, I know that my money is primarily going directly to families in need, not to overpaid executive salaries. Tony Foundation has a reaching effect on people’s lives, and I can’t think of a better way to spend my time and supplemental income.” #TFforlife 

    – TF Recurring Donor, Joe Maggiolino

  • Medical Team

    He is behind on his house this month and he needs a transplant which will make him curable. The problem is he is lacking financial stability and they’re hesitant to move forward. This grant is going to potentially save this patient’s life. I just want you to know how amazing this is”

     Social worker at Texas Oncology

  • Corporate Sponsor

    “If everyone did a fraction of what you’ve set out to do, it would change so much for the better. I believe your work will inspire people to do just that.”

    – Aaron Hominick, CEO Hominick Homes

  • Award Recipient

    The treatments that you are paying for could save a life. There’s nothing more to say, you are not handing out money…you are saving lives.”


After we helped 50 Families..