Financial Guidance & Donor Advised Funds


Legacy planning for cancer recipients can include incorporating gifts to charity into their overall estate plan as a way to leave a lasting impact and support causes they care about.

Donor advised funds (DAFs) are charitable giving vehicles that allow individuals to make a charitable contribution, take an immediate tax deduction, and then recommend grants to eligible nonprofit organizations over time.

Income protection is a type of insurance policy that provides financial support in the event of a covered loss of income, such as disability or job loss. This can help ensure that individuals and their families are financially stable and able to maintain their standard of living in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

It is recommended that individuals seeking to utilize these options consult with a financial advisor or estate planning attorney to ensure their unique circumstances and goals are taken into consideration.


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When receiving funds as a part of the Tony Foundation program, often times there is a question of "What should we do first with these funds?" In no way should this gift become another stressor in an already stressful environment dealing with a cancer journey.

We want to help and our partners from Northwestern Mutual want to help too. They have aligned with our mission and are regularly donating to Tony Foundation so we can help more cancer fighters that need it. In addition to their monetary support, they want to help cancer fighters and their families plan for the future, alleviate financial stress, and help them thrive beyond cancer.