140 Families + 15 more already in 2024!

140 Families + 15 more already in 2024!


We are helping many families at Tony Foundation with crucial financial assistance. One example of this that really stands out from a couple months ago was Richard.

Richard is a husband and a father. He was diagnosed with cancer, forced out of his career, and bills were rapidly piling up. When their family vehicle broke down during his chemo treatments, the financial burden had become too much. After exhausting every possible option, Richard and his family were losing hope. Richard felt guilt for everything his cancer was doing to his family and he had to make a choice. Since he couldn't pay the $2,700 to fix the vehicle and continue his rigorous treatment schedule, he decided he would go ahead and go on hospice so his family didn't have to suffer anymore. This was his choice and unless you have been in Richard's shoes, it is hard to say what the right move was supposed to be. The finances or lack thereof because of cancer were dictating his move. The financial strain does this to cancer fighters when they are ill and gasping for air. 

Tony Foundation was given his application from someone on our medical oncology team and once we saw what they were going through, we realized we were his last hope. After calling Richard to schedule a zoom call, we knew this gift was going to be powerful. We zoom'd with him soon after and awarded him a grant for $5,000. He was emotional and told us we were saving his life. We are not just gap funding. We are symbolic of the hope that every cancer fighter wants and needs during their cancer journey. Richard's case is exactly why two time cancer fighter and Tony Foundation Founder started on this selfless mission to assist other brothers and sisters in the cancer fight. Please join our mission with a monthly gift so we can help more cancer fighters that are forced to throw in the towel.

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(below) Richard & his beautiful Family

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